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to Nov 17

Jenny Phillips - Introspective


Inspired by the ephemeral and the anecdotal, the work of Jenny Phillips transforms everyday observations and experiences into calm, meditative works. Whether it’s fallen Bougainvillea leaves, discarded netted bags, a fragment of string or thread, the paraphernalia of summer or the patterns of dappled light below a tree, these accidental, beautiful and seemingly meaningless moments are turned into contemplative pieces that evoke fragility and transience. This show gathers for the first time a broad cross section of her work, including encaustic works, mix media and prints, allowing the viewer to make connections between her pieces and to discern how one series informs the next.

Jenny Phillips is a San Francisco based artist. She uses paper, wax, watercolor, oil, graphite and other media to explore the interplay between linework, surface, and texture. Influenced by shapes and patterns found in nature and urban environments, she creates subtle and meditative artworks through the use of rhythmic gestures and repetitive patterns. She strives for a quiet and complex beauty, balancing simplicity of expression which rich sensory qualities.

Her background is in graphic design and fine art. She studied printmaking and painting at California College of Arts, San Francisco Art Institute, Kala Art Institute, and received the Woodrow Deckman Studio Art Scholarship at Denison University.

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to Oct 6

Josie Iselin - Algal Dreams


Algal Dreams, is a solo exhibition by San Francisco fine art photographer and book author, Josie Iselin. The exhibit which coincides with the release of her newly published book, The Curious World of Seaweed, features an array of contemporary compositions depicting marine algae originally created for her book. From large to small scale, Iselin’s stunning imagery captures and calls attention to the strength of form, texture, intensity of color, and translucency of the common and often overlooked subject. The images range from straight ahead algae portraits to carefully placed multi-piece compositions, while others are interwoven with historical, archival imagery. It’s clear her passion for the subject is boundless. 

Josie Iselin is the photographer, author and designer of many books exploring our coastal universe. Beach Stones was published in 2006, Beach: A Book of Treasure in 2010 and her visual primer on seaweed, An Ocean Garden: The Secret Life of Seaweed, was published in 2014. Iselin continues her explorations into the world of marine algae with her new book, The Curious World of Seaweed, an ambitious combination of essays and historical as well as contemporary imagery. This book chronicles the natural history as well as the history of science of sixteen iconic Pacific coast seaweeds and kelps. Iselin uses her visual art practice—the act of looking closely—as the stimulus for her scientific research and storytelling. You can often find her on various coasts  at low tide exploring tide pools and investigating the intertidal realm. 

Josie Iselin holds a BA in visual and environmental studies from Harvard and an MFA from San Francisco State University. For over twenty-five years she has used her flatbed scanner and computer for generating imagery. Iselin exhibits large-scale fine art prints at select galleries and museums, advocates for ocean health through education and speaks widely on the confluence of art and science. She always has new projects in the works at her studio, Loving Blind Productions, located underneath her house, on a steep hill in San Francisco. 

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